John Gavin Malkovich (born December 9, 1953)  

John Gavin Malkovich is an American actor, producer, and director. Over the last 25 years of his career, Malkovich has appeared in more than 70 motion pictures. For his roles in Places in the Heart and In the Line of Fire, he received Academy Award nominations. He has also appeared in critically acclaimed films such as Empire of the Sun, The Killing Fields, Dangerous Liaisons, The Portrait of a Lady, Being John Malkovich and Burn After Reading.

Malkovich was born in Christopher, Illinois. His paternal grandparents were Croats, natives of Ozalj in Karlovac County, Croatia. His mother was of Scottish and German ancestry. He grew up in Benton, Illinois, in a large house on South Main Street. His father, Daniel Malkovich, was a state conservation director and publisher of Outdoor Illinois, a conservation magazine. His mother, Joe Ann (nee Choisser), owned the Benton Evening News (a local newspaper in Benton, Il.), as well as Outdoor Illinois. Malkovich attended Logan Grade School, Webster Junior High, and Benton Consolidated High School, in Benton, Illinois. During his high school years, he appeared in various plays and the musical, Carousel. He was also a member of a folk/rock musical trio, and was a member of a local summer theater/comedy project in Benton in 1972, where he co-starred in Jean-Claude Van Itallie's America Hurrah. Upon graduation from high school, he entered Eastern Illinois University, and then transferred to Illinois State University, where he majored in theatre .....

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  1. Being John Malkovich (1999)
Role: John Horatio Malkovich
  2. Burn After Reading (2008)
Role: Osborne Cox
  3. RED (2010)
Role: Marvin Boggs
  4. Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)
Role: Bruce (Sam's boss)