Alberto Mielgo – The Witness

CHARACTER DESIGN: For our characters I wanted to create multiracial characters, contemporary and very close to us, vulnerable and away from the hero archetype. I didn’t want anything extra masculine or extra feminine, I wanted real people with a background and a personality. Realistic in proportions to enhance the proximity to the audience but also with simplified and graphic features for greater expressivity. ( Also realistic proportions because it would had been so weird a full on striptease and pubes with mainstream cartoon proportions…)
The design of clothes is something that obsesses me while designing characters. The clothes, the make up and the hair style define the personality of each character. Why they choose such clothes, such a hair cut or why they wear them in such way?. I wanted to put special emphasis on cloth design and for that I worked together and for the first time with an stylist. instagram: @newdekadence Nd Enndie who brough SO much influence, inspiration and exquisite flavor to our film.
We are so proud to see the amount of you Cosplaying as The Girl and the impact around . THANK YOU!

More coming soon. Stay tuned
(contents from facebook alberto page)

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